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Effortlessly elegant

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These iconic ensembles have come a long way from their early beginnings, and they're taking the fashion scene by storm today. From classic cuts to modern twists, trouser suits are all about making a statement

By White Coco
September 7, 2023

­So, with the launch of a new website for us, we thought it was about time we jumped on the Blog Train. The aim will be to blog (is that even a verb?) every fortnight. It will be a few musings about a topic that creeps into our world here at White Coco. We’ll try to make it relevant (however tenuous) and will hopefully provide just an opportunity to take you somewhere & think about something that doesn’t normally feature in your day. We’ll use it to share with you some of our favourite things (we promise there won’t be any schnitzel with noodles or cream-coloured ponies but there may well be the odd reference to raindrops on roses and warm woollen mittens).

And talking of brown paper packages tied up with string, we will be officially launching our new Autumn 23 Collection very, very soon. Giant brown boxes are arriving every day at White Coco HQ. Squeals of delight fill the room as we pour over the softest jerseys, the most velvety needlecord and the cosiest wraps.

So, let's start the new Autumn season and celebrate the Birth of the Blog by chatting about a wardrobe staple that's been making waves and turning heads across the globe: trouser suits. These iconic ensembles have come a long way from their early beginnings, and they're taking the fashion scene by storm today. From classic cuts to modern twists, trouser suits are all about making a statement – a statement that screams confidence, elegance, and a touch of that "boss babe" attitude we all secretly love to channel!

Eleonore trouser and Emeline Jacket in Navy

Gone are the days when trouser suits were just for the men. We're living in an era where fashion knows no boundaries, and trouser suits have become the ultimate unisex trend that's redefining what it means to dress for power and style. Whether you're a CEO, an artist, or just someone who loves looking fabulous, there's a trouser suit out there with your name on it.

Picture this: you're striding down the street in a perfectly tailored trouser suit that fits like a dream. The crisp lines of the jacket and the gentle drape of the trousers give you an air of sophistication that's hard to ignore. But here's the twist – it's not just about looking polished. It's about feeling like you can conquer the world. That's the magic of trouser suits today – they're not just clothes; they're confidence boosters!

Today's trouser suits are all about breaking the rules and making your own. The fashion world has given the classic trouser suit a modern makeover, and White Coco are here for it!

Eleonore Trousers in Sage

There are endless possibilities when it comes to styling your trouser suit. Feeling the need to embrace your inner girl boss? Pair your suit with a sleek pair of pumps, and you're ready to take charge of that important meeting. Want to add a dash of casual chic? Throw on some trendy sneakers and a tee under your jacket for that effortlessly cool vibe.

We’ve a fabulous NEW range of needlecord suits that tick every box. A tiny dose of stretch has been added for extra comfort – great news if you’re sitting down all day in the office. Customers are snapping these up for the board room, for lunching and even school uniforms! Click here to see the range of colours and their endless possibilities…

If something more formal is what you’re after, then look no further than our Ali Trousers & Sam Jacket. Smart, classic navy with the stylish touch of button detailing – wear them with a crisp white shirt for that girl-about-town look, a layering jersey for a more cosy, informal lunch or with a pretty strappy top for an evening drinks party…

Ali Trousers and Sam Jacket in Navy

What's truly remarkable about the trouser suit trend today is its versatility. It's about owning your lifestyle. The trouser suit has become a symbol of empowerment, showing the world that you can be strong, elegant, and entirely yourself, all at once.

So, here's to trouser suits: where power meets style, and where you step out into the world, ready to conquer it all.

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