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Effortlessly elegant

A Chat with Penny - Miss February

Get to know the White Coco staff by reading these interviews that we'll be having on a regular basis...

By White Coco
February 15, 2024

Chat No 3 - Penny

Meet our Miss February....she's Penny who works her socks off in our King's Road store. If you're a regular customer in Chelsea, you'll probably have been mesmerised by her piercing blue eyes and her honest & helpful opinions when you emerge from the changing rooms. She's been one of the staff in the shop for over two years and has the most impressive energy levels of well, quite frankly, anyone we know. We caught up with her

Penny, so you've been working at White Coco for over two years now. What do you like most about being here?

There's a great team atmosphere which I love but I equally enjoy putting outfits together for customers

What was the first job you ever had?

I was a receptionist at The Burton group HQ

We've heard you're excited about all the new products that are arriving to make up the Spring Collection. Do us a favour and put together your favourite casual outfit, please

You can't go wrong with the White Coco range of Piper Jeans. I've put the Navy version together with the brand new Claire Shirt & Yasmin faux leather Jacket. I love the casual vibe with the blast of prettiness that comes from this gorgeous shirt.

Styling our Yasmin Jacket and Piper Jeans

If you could get back in touch with your 12 year old self, what would you tell her?

To have lots of self-confidence and not take herself too seriously

Ever had a toe-curling embarrassing moment?

Several but the worst one has to be when I flew head first into an ornamental pond at a party having slipped on a paving stone. I triumphantly managed to keep hold of my glass, though!

You have so much energy, Penny. How do you keep fit?

Running up & down the stairs at White Coco fetching clothes from the stock room is an excellent way of keeping agile and topping up the all-important step count.

On days off I will be found on the tennis court or in the gym

Do you have a favourite piece from the jewellery range in the shop?

Oh yes, that'll be the Trinny Pearl Earrings

Penny wearing the gourgeous Trinny Pearl Earrings

And what about a favourite from all the gorgeous shoes that are on the shelves at White Coco now?

Both the suede and velvet flatforms are indispensable. They go with any outfit and give you that extra bit of height which makes your legs look longer! For a special occasion, I'd love the Black Glitter Heels - they are super-elegant

Talking of special occasions then, chose an outfit for a date night with your husband

The velvet suits we sell are fabulous. I'd go for it in this stunning Royal Blue and team it with a Claudia Camisole and those Black Glitter Heels that I'm secretly coveting

What do Sundays look like for you?

Always a lazy, slow start fueled by sourdough toast with truffle marmite for breakfast...followed by several sets of tennis. Then a collapse in front of the fire with the papers

Best piece of advice ever passed on to you?

Oh, that kindness costs nothing

Cook supper for friends or go out to a restaurant?

I love cooking and entertaining so definitely supper with friends at home

When you do venture out of the kitchen, where is your favourite place to eat in London?

"Wild by Tart", for sure

Let's play "Love It or Hate It"...


Love it!


Hate it!


Double LOVE it!

Valentine's Day?



Love it...especially the truffle version!

Name three things you just couldn't live without

Glasses (we assume that's the spectacle variety rather than the wine...?)


Lip Gloss

Best Holiday Destination?

Mauritius - she has it all - beautiful beaches & a great climate...the perfect place to relax

Best beauty product in your bathroom?

Neva Eyelash Serum - it's given me the strongest, longest & curliest eyelashes (editor comment: we can vouch for this working - Pen's eyelashes are the perfect frame to those vibrant baby blues)

Favourite Instagram Account?

Olivia Buckland Flowers

What book is on your bedside table at the moment?

"Secrets of the Lighthouse" by Santa Montefiore

Room 101?


Desert Island Disc?

The "Rumours" Album by Fleetwood Mac

Desert Island Dish?

My husband, of course!

Penny in our Jasper Jacket and Lauren Trousers

Ok, so lastly, do you have a Guilty Pleasure or two?

Certainly do! It's a family pack of Kettle Crisps and Espresso Martinis......but perhaps not together

Thanks Pen, it was great to chat and to learn a few juicy pieces of information about you.

Our lasting image of you will be sitting on a desert island with your hubby, listening to the Grand Prix soundtrack, sipping on an espresso martini and waking up the next morning to find you diving into the ocean (that's the same colour as your eyes, of course) to get rid of that hated hangover. Mind you, that lip gloss will help rehydrate and make sure your beloved marmite doesn't make your lips sting