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Effortlessly elegant

A Chat with Philippa - Miss April

Get to know the White Coco staff by reading these interviews that we'll be having on a regular basis...

By White Coco
April 13, 2024

Chat No 4 - Philippa

We chatted with Philippa earlier this month who works in our Chelsea Store. She's a bombshell around the shop so it was tricky to catch up with's those Hoff trainers, we reckon...

Philippa, you're never not smiling when you come to work! What’s your favourite thing about working at White Coco?

Hard to choose! I guess my absolute favourite part of the job is spending time with our wonderful customers & helping them pick out a selection of clothes for a wardrobe refresh or the perfect outfit for a special event. Big shout out too, to my fabulous co-workers who add to the fun of a day at WC.

Do you have a favourite casual look from the current collection at the moment?

I’m definitely a ‘Dress Girl’ and I’m always super excited to unbox the new dress deliveries. I cannot wait for some warmer weather when you’ll find me living in our Dessie Dress. It’s cool, divine to wear and really easy to style up with the glorious bronze kitten heels we sell or worn more casually with trainers or tan sandals. Either way, I’ll be piling on our gorgeous necklaces and beaded bracelets. Bring on the summer!

Our Dessie Dress

That brings us on to jewellery very you have a favourite piece?

I’m currently living in the Harmonia necklace

And how about the shoes that are striding across the shelves at White Coco? Do you have any in your wardrobe?

Ok, so I most definitely have a shoe habit! The Hoff Gold Coast trainers have barely left my feet and any shoes from Bibi Lou seem to find their way into my wardrobe.

Wearing trainers at work must help you keep active during the day! How do you keep fit generally?

Aside from running up & down the stairs at White Coco, I play lots of tennis, am a regular at my local gym and have been known to play a few holes of golf.

But you do eat, right? Where do you love to eat out in London?

I’m currently obsessed with Min Jiang in Kensington, I love Ziani’s and am lucky to live around the corner from the fabulous Camberwell Arms.

When you're meeting up with girlfriends, do you prefer to cook in or eat out?

Eat out!

OK, so is there a White Coco look that you're currently loving for lunching out with girlfriends?

I’m loving creams and whites right now, so it would have to be the Julia Jacket, white Piper jeans and the Heather top. I’m usually late so I’d be rushing there in my new, bright green Hoff trainers!

Philippa in our Piper Jeans and Julia Jacket

And what do Sundays look like for you?

A lazy start with the Sunday papers followed by a dog walk in Dulwich Park. I have two very naughty Norfolk terriers, Doris & Gertie, who in truth race around chasing squirrels while we chase them; it’s all a bit Benny Hill! Might squeeze in some tennis, I love a family lunch and can often be found at the cinema early in the evening.

The Dulwich Park dog chase scenario paints a great picture! Have you had any excruciating embarrassing moments (in or out of the park)?

Crikey, there’s been a few but right up there has to be the time I saw someone in the street I thought I knew. Stopped to chat only to then realise a good few minutes into our conversation that it was Bernie Eccleston who I’d never met in my life before. I then had to style it out with my husband looking on in horror. Bernie couldn’t have been more charming.

OK, so we know that you'd rather eat out but should you be offered the chance to create you own dinner party and invite celebrities of your choice, who would you ask?

Jurgen Klopp, Joanna Lumley, David Bowie, Claudia Winkleman, John McEnroe, Melissa McCarthy and Bradley Cooper.

(Oh, not Bernie Eccleston then?)

And if you had the chance to meet up with your 12 year-old self, what advice would you give her? 

I’m not sure 12 year old me was great at taking advice but I’d definitely warn her to not use Sun-In, it will definitely ruin her hair.


Best beauty product you own?

Is a hairdryer a beauty product? If so, it’s got to be my Dyson Hairdryer. Remember what I said about Sun-In, only a Dyson can smooth my locks.

You're always a great colour and obviously love the sun, what's your favourite holiday destination?

It’s got to be Menorca, my magical second home. It’s a wonderful Island; amazing sun, sea and food. Home to the shoe brand Pretty Ballerinas, and they even make their own gin. What’s not to love?

Favourite place to visit outside London?

It's got to be Liverpool. The warmest & funniest people are from there but I guess I’m biased.

What's the best piece of advice ever given to you? 

If you don’t have a dream how are you going to make a dream come true?

Love it or hate it? – gardening (love), ironing (hate), shopping (love), marmite(love)


Name three things you couldn’t live without?

Easy! Emmanuelle, Tallulah and Sascha, my three gorgeous daughters.

Favourite Instagram Account?

I'm currently loving What_are_you_wearing_in_London


What book are you reading at the moment?

The Marriage Proposal by Maggie O’Farrell


Desert Island Disc?

 "Heroes" by David Bowie


Desert Island Dish?

Roast chicken with all the trimmings followed by treacle tart & custard.....washed down with plenty of rosé


Room 101?

People who clap when the plane lands


Guilty Pleasure(s)

Liverpool F.C

Peter Kay

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Thanks for chatting, Philippa. You look fab in that cream/white combo and we can quite understand why you'll be living in that Dessie dress when the sun comes out! Maybe not one for the terraces at Anfield though...